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My hometown is suizhou, there is very beautiful in a city park and the south of baiyun shennong park, is recreation visit places. Winding road, and thick vegetation and Xuan mesh to deprive a person bonsai, let a person with nature.

  To realize fall, lake feeling, the hushan is right choice. The hushan LiuAn supple, boasts beautiful scenery, jade stroll, relaxed.

  In the evening, jiefang road, LongTai pedestrian street lights, shopping shopping two not mistake; Pearl plaza, railway station plaza, leisure, sports and tide of stream of people, boisterous, might as well go see suizhou of mass cultural life.


Xiangyang,China. A beautiful city full of art and history. A hotly contested spot which the military must


is called he first city of China\.


Whatever you think about Xiangyang, visiting as a tourist is very different from living there. Each part of Xiangyang has its own character. Some parts are richer than others, or more industrial, or have better housing.


It is difficult to be general about Xiangyang. The city is made up of a \collection of villages\, each area with its own character and community.


Put them all together, and you have Xiangyang ,a city beautiful and quiet.



逐句翻好,希望能帮到你我的家乡,是一个美丽的小城.My hometown is a small beatiful country.那里有我很多美好的回忆.there remains a lot of my delighted memory.我在那生活了12年.I lived there for 12 years.我很喜欢我的家乡.I love my hometown very much.那里有美丽的山水,纯朴的人们.繁华的大街,宁静的小道.there are beautiful moutains and rivers, kind people, crowd streets and peaceful path. 虽然已经不住在那了,但是每年我都会回去看看.那都没有自己的家乡好.这就是我的家乡.Though I'm not living there, I come back to my hometown for a visit every year.Nowhere is better than my hometown.This is my hometown. 答案补充


My hometown is in Xiangyang. Over the years, earth shaking changes have taken place in my hometown. The streets are clean and tidy, there are more high-rise buildings and trains for travel. But the biggest change is the moat of Xiangyang ancient city. What's going on? Go with me!

First of all, I came to the moat river, I asked a passer-by: \Hello, uncle! May I ask you a question? What was the moat like before? \ The uncle replied, he river used to be black. You can smell the stench coming from far away. You have to cover your nose.\ I asked again, \why is the river clear now?\ The passer-by replied, \for the sake of our living environment, the government has drained the river water and injected it with new water sources, which has become what it is now. \I thank my uncle for playing happily by the river.

Dad came to pick me up and I asked him why you didn't drive? Dad said, \"there's haze. \"Dad, what is haze? \"Dad said:\" the number of cars on the street has increased, a lot of pollution exhaust gas has been discharged, and the exhaust gas from many factories has also been emitted, so the haze has naturally formed. The government can change the water of the moat for us, but it can't change the polluted atmosphere. \" I nodded silently, as if to understand why my father didn't drive. Although I was very tired, I still walked forward with my father.

In the future, I must appeal to more people to plant trees, beautify the environment and advocate green travel. I believe that through our efforts, our hometown will become more beautiful.



xining is the only large city in qinghai and is the capital of the province.long estabished as a chinaese city,it's been a military garrison and trading centre since the 16th century. nowdays,it's also a stopover for foreigners following the qinghai-tibet route,perched at an elevation of 2275M on the edge of the tibetan plateau,the city itself has nothing exceptional to see,but is a convent staging postfor visting ta'er monastery and qinghai lake.


Hengyang is the second largest city of Hunan Province. It straddles the Xiang River about 160 km south of the provincial capital of Changsha.Hengyang is a busy and growing industrial City and the leading transportation centre of Hunan, linking water, rail, and highway routes. Hengyang has been the birthplace of many historical figures, such the revolutionist Luo Ronghuan and a noted Ming scholar Wang Fuzhi衡阳是湖南省第二大城市。它横跨湘江在省会长沙以南约160公里。衡阳是一个繁忙的增长的工业城市和湖南的主要交通中心,连接水、铁路和高速公路的路线。衡阳是许多历史人物的出生地,革命家罗荣桓,明代学者王夫之

the best time to visit my hometown作文?



My hometown is in the southeast of Shandong.

The best time to visit here is in spring.The weather is warm,dry and windy.But sometimes it’s a bit cool at night,so remember to bring some warm clothes.The most interesting thing here is to fly kites in the field.

I wish you to visit my home town soon.I’m sure you will have a good time here.




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